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How to meet your Dreams

Posted on April 27, 2018 at 1:55 PM

I don't think there is anyone who does not want to improve, to grow, to learn more on how to become successful.  We all want it but few of us know how or even make the effort.  We almost expect it to drop in our lap just because we work hard.  Let me explain something.  Just working hard is not going to guarantee you success.  It takes intentional focus and commitment every day.  So, what does that look like?  Many of us say we want success but we fail to lead our own life.  We just accept it for being what it is and never change.  Focus happens when you write a personal growth plan with specific steps on how you intend to meet your goals.  Then you commit to this plan EVERYDAY!  Remember, nothing worthwhile is easy and everything worthwhile is an uphill grind.  It is hard work, sweat and tears.  There is no coasting it you want to achieve your dreams or goals.  You must be deliberate, consistent and willful in order for you to succeed. No one gains success by accident. You just don’t wake up one day and have success dropped in your lap. It requires effort and consistency. If I can give any advice on how to achieve success or your goals it would be for you to be intentional with your planning and development of a personal growth plan. Start by listing 10 things you need to do and then prioritize them. Focus on the top 2 items and you will gain 80% of your return. Every day be committed and focus on these things and over time you will begin to see a change in your habits and you will understand three specific things: 1. What is required of me. 2. What gives me my greatest return. 3. What is my greatest reward. As you continue to do these things every day. I mean everyday. You will see a change come over you and your attitude will become a strength of positive reinforcement. You must be tenacious and not give up. You will be tested in difficult times and you must push through these tough times. No one can change you. You can only change yourself. This is where you will be changed as attitude only counts during tough times. This is where you will find that your attitude makes a difference in your success or failure. I have discovered that many do not know how to find their purpose and therefore they give up. Be intentional about your purpose. Find out what you are passionate about. Find out what you are good at and match your strengths to your passion. If it is not your strength then make it your hobby and not your career. Strength will direct you to your purpose. Once you discover your purpose then be intentional every day with your growth plan to live it, breathe it and accomplish it. Everyday I do 5 things to help me meet my goals. 1. I provide value to others by listening and supporting their efforts. I learn what is on their hearts and I connect with them to help them meet their goals or answer their questions. 2. I discover ways to help those in my life that are struggling by listening to their needs and offering suggestions. I continue to try new ways to provide value to them. 3. I am always thinking of process improvement that will help others and value their needs. 4. I never stop encouraging them positively through tough situations; whether it is success or failure. 5. I am intentional about my faith every day and present and act consistently in an honorable way to provide value to others. Living intentionally and setting life growth plans is the first start to success or achieving your dreams. Then EVERYDAY being consistent and focused on these steps, you will be rewarded with success!

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